January 27, 2015 What does it take to know EVERYTHING about you? Your drivers’ license and social insurance number.   That’s not what Big Data promises. But it’s what Big Data can deliver. And few know this worrisome new world better than Adam Tanner, our next Ramsay (more…)

December 3, 2014 Why did Walmart give $1.3 billion (yes, billion) last year to causes around the world?  Last year, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation contributed $1.3 billion in cash and in-kind to address social and environmental issues around the world. (more…)

November 19, 2014 The NSA is watching all of us. So how can we watch back? Edward Snowden’s leaks about U.S. surveillance clarified one thing: there is no privacy in the digital age. Our right to privacy is no longer a given, but a negotiation.   The issues here are huge, gnarly and deeply frightening. (more…)

September 24, 2014 Do Green Investments Ever Make Money? If you think the only bottom line produced by sustainable energy is a social one, that’s just not true for many companies, and never was. Green energy can make money, for both early-stage and longer term investors. Three of the most battle-scarred and successful green energy (more…)

Monday, May 12, 2014 Can Medicare ever deliver on its promise? Last month, Dr. Danielle Martin took on the U.S. Senate, and showed them that Canadian health-care has lots to teach American reformers. (more…)