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How To Have A Good Death The Supreme Court ruled that we can ask a doctor to help end our lives if we’re racked with enduring, intolerable pain. Ever since that ruling, we’ve had something few citizens of any nation in any age have been granted: a choice. The “how” of death is what four (more…)

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When Dr. David Goldbloom asks: “How Can I Help?”, he can answer his own question. That’s because Dr. David Goldbloom is one of Canada’s top psychiatrists. And by ‘top’, I mean both ‘most empathetic’ and ‘most effective’. David is Senior Medical Advisor at CAMH, the former Chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and the (more…)

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Janette Sadik-Khan fixed New York’s streets. Maybe she can help fix ours. Our average daily commute time is 66 minutes, our downtown would drive Mad Max mad, and some of our roads haven’t been upgraded since Louis St. Laurent was Prime Minister. So maybe it’s time to look beyond the GTA for some answers to (more…)

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What can we learn from arts leaders beyond our borders? We can learn a lot. Especially when those global leaders can help us put our best ideas on the world’s stage. So join us for the first event in a new series of RamsayTalks called Fresh New Grounds, sponsored by BMO Bank of Montreal. Its four speakers (more…)

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How many musicians are in a studio during a recording session? None. The music is all recorded digitally. We used to think writing hit songs was an art. But it’s becoming a science. And the man chronicling that huge shift is none other than New Yorker writer, John Seabrook. His new book, The Song Machine: Inside (more…)

In one evening with Amy Cuddy, you’ll learn an invaluable business skill. Amy Cuddy is known the world over for her TEDTalk on non-verbal behavior. It’s now the second most viewed TEDTalk of all time, seen by nearly 30 million people. Amy Cuddy is also the Harvard Business School professor who’s been named a Game-Changer (more…)

Does Toronto have what it takes to spark real greatness? Author Eric Weiner explores how creative genius is tied to place and time – not just to genetics and sweat. So ideas and inventions by the likes of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud didn’t happen in isolation, they were profoundly affected by where (more…)

Here’s the link to our webcast: http://www.vvcnetwork.ca/canclub/20160120-mcchrystal/ One week from now, your definition of teamwork will change forever. Stanley McChrystal is one of the most respected military leaders in post-9ll America, and he now applies his experience to the business world. He not only led the Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq during the Persian Gulf Wars,

Learn how to watch a movie, with one of the world’s most brilliant guides. David Thomson is one of the most admired critics of our time. His new book, “How to Watch a Movie” offers brilliant insights into the act of watching movies and an enlightening discussion about how to get more from any film (more…)

He sees ourselves as others see us. Last month, Anthony Sargent left Britain to become the CEO of the international Luminato festival here in Toronto. Sargent was the founding director of Sage Gateshead, “an uncompromisingly ambitious arts centre” in the northeast of England. Before that, he was with the BBC as a manager, producer and (more…)