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Yes, capitalism and democracy both need a big fix. Dambisa Moyo knows how big. Dr. Dambisa Moyo is one of the world’s most acclaimed economists. Time Magazine named her one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World and she’s on the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders’ Forum. You read her work in The Financial Times and Wall Street (more…)

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She first broke the Harvey Weinstein story and… changed our world. Jodi Kantor is the investigative reporter who, along with two New York Times colleagues, first exposed the story of Harvey Weinstein, and then again, Louis C.K. Jodi specializes in long-form deeply reported stories. But none has so profoundly changed our view of men and women, work (more…)

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Jamie Bennett pushes the arts to the epicenter of city-building. On Jan. 30, you can learn how. Jamie Bennett heads ArtPlace America, the partnership of 16 foundations, 8 federal agencies and 6 financial institutions that invests in making the arts a bigger part of city-building. ArtsAmerica has invested over $100 million in placemaking projects that (more…)

Hear Niall Ferguson on old power hierarchies and new social networks. Just as The Ascent of Money brought a bold new perspective to Wall Street, Ferguson’s The Square and the Tower does the same for Silicon Valley. He radically recasts the turning points in world history, including our own. But then, Niall Ferguson would. And as one of the world’s (more…)

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Nathalie Bondil is Redefining the World of Museums and Galleries For the past decade, Nathalie Bondil has turned the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts into one of the most daring and successful museums, not just in Canada, but anywhere. As its Director and Chief Curator, she has brought the Museum’s exhibitions to 30 international cities. (more…)

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The dean of corporate governance calls for more activist directors. Ira Millstein has won every honour, held every post and led most every high-level initiative in the field of corporate governance. His new book, The Activist Director, calls for a new breed of activist directors who partner with management and reject short-term views. His own view on the future (more…)

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What’s the big, unreported transformation changing our world? It’s philanthropy. Not the Gates, Bloomberg kind. But the millions of donors who are using their money more boldly, creatively and politically than we’ve ever seen. David Callahan knows more about this movement than just about anyone. He will speak at a Ramsay Luncheon on September 27 and (more…)

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How will Artificial Intelligence change us? Garry Kasparov has strong, expert views. You may know Garry Kasparov as a chess champion and human rights advocate. His famous matches against supercomputers were key to bringing Artificial Intelligence, and chess, into the mainstream. But Mr. Kasparov is also an antidote to both the fear and the false (more…)

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Gerard Baker, Editor-in-Chief of the Wall Street Journal speaks at a RamsayTalk Please join us for the Ramsay Luncheon on Tuesday, April 18th at the Four Seasons Yorkville to hear one of the world’s foremost commentators discuss America and the world in the age of President Trump. Gerard Baker is both the Editor-in-Chief of Dow (more…)

Want a way to improve your health care? Dr. Danielle Martin has 6 of them. Hear one of medicine’s most articulate, tenacious and visionary reformers spell out the 6 ways our health care system can be much better, now. Dr. Danielle Martin will discuss her startlingly common-sense new book at the RamsayTalk on January 26th, (more…)