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Rita McGrath

Event Phone: louise@ramsayinc.com

Rita McGrath will have you seeing around corners. Rita McGrath is one of the 10 most influential leadership thinkers in the world,* and one of the Harvard Business Review’s most widely published authors. She’s also a best-selling author of serious business books, like her upcoming Seeing Around Corners: How to Spot Inflection Points in Business Before They Happen. (more…)

A New Way to Enjoy Original Thinking   (more…)

Patrick Radden Keefe

Event Phone: Louise Davey louise@ramsayinc.com

When did you last experience “a breath-taking, unrelenting, epic work”? Every so often a writer, a book, and a subject grab us by the throat through their mastery, urgency and mystery. This is one of those rare times. The writer is Patrick Radden Keefe, the New Yorker investigative reporter who’s uncovered everything from the story behind (more…)

Kathrine Switzer

Event Phone: Louise Davey louise@ramsayinc.com

In 1967, Kathrine Switzer changed the finish line for women’s rights. She’s still running today. It was an iconic moment not only for women in sports, but for women everywhere: Kathrine Switzer is ‘caught’ running the Boston Marathon, a race that didn’t allow women to enter. Since then, she’s pushed millions of women to run…in (more…)

Safi Bahcall

Event Phone: Louise Davey louise@ramsayinc.com

Culture may eat Strategy for breakfast, but Structure eats Culture. Safi Bahcall believes companies can change from embracing wild ideas to rigidly rejecting them, the way flowing water will suddenly change into brittle ice. He also believes those same companies can use new thinking to avoid this sclerotic fate. Bahcall’s book, Loonshots, is cliché-breaking, and he’ll (more…)

Roger McNamee

Event Phone: Louise Davey louise@ramsayinc.com

Roger McNamee just Zucked Facebook. Hear why at the next RamsayTalk, April 8. McNamee is the author of the hottest business book on the shelves: Zucked: Waking up to the Facebook Catastrophe. He’s no tell-all journalist. He was one of Facebook’s earliest investors and remains one of the most persistently successful tech investors in America. McNamee’s critically-acclaimed best-seller speaks (more…)

John Grisham and John Irving

Event Phone: Louise Davey louise@ramsayinc.com

John Grisham and John Irving together on-stage in Toronto for the first time, Wednesday, February 20 In a rare Toronto appearance to celebrate the publication of his latest #1 blockbuster The Reckoning, John Grisham joins John Irving for a memorable wide-ranging conversation. Don’t miss this opportunity to see two of the world’s greatest living authors (more…)

Steven Pearlstein

Event Phone: Louise Davey Mon-Fri 9 - 5pm - 416-602-2584

Can capitalism survive America? Ask Steven Pearlstein. It didn’t take Trump flaunting the wretched excesses of our economic system for us to know capitalism is in trouble. But Pulitzer-Prize winning economics journalist Steve Pearlstein argues that our worship of unfettered markets is undermining the very values that make capitalism and democracy work. His book, Can (more…)

Phil Lind

Event Phone: Louise Davey Mon-Fri 9 - 5pm - 416-602-2584

Phil Lind is the power behind many thrones. Now he’s talking. Phil is best known for steering the genius behind Canada’s greatest entrepreneur, Ted Rogers. But he’s also played a key role in the growth of the Blue Jays and the dominance of Sportsnet. They’re all detailed in his new memoir, Right Hand Man. So please (more…)

Helen Clark

Event Phone: Louise Davey Mon-Fri 9 - 5pm - 416-602-2584

Helen Clark in conversation about her new book ‘Women, Equality and Power’ The new book Women, Equality, Power is a selection of Helen Clark’s speeches throughout her career of outstanding leadership. It showcases what she had to say from the time of her election to the New Zealand Parliament in 1982 to her nine years as Prime Minister and then her eight years (more…)