Jeremy Rifkin

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Jeremy Rifkin says the fossil fuel world will collapse by 2028. Find out why in 2019. Few world-renowned economists, social theorists and political advisors have been so prolific for as long as Jeremy Rifkin. He is best known as the architect of the Third Industrial Revolution and his 20 books have been translated into 35 languages. On Wednesday, (more…)

Susan Rice

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Susan Rice is still shaping the world of foreign affairs and national security. Susan Rice was America’s National Security Advisor and the US Ambassador to the UN. Her view of America then, now and tomorrow, is as unique and serious as the posts she held. Her life is equally unique, from her elders – immigrants (more…)

Susan Rice and Megan Twohey – 20% discount

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RamsayTalks presents two commanding women on two defining issues of our age. In November, we’re presenting two women whose work and lives have changed our world – and haven’t stopped. Susan Rice was America’s National Security Advisor and the US Ambassador to the UN. Meg Twohey, along with her New York Times colleague Jodi Kantor, (more…)

Megan Twohey

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How did the #metoo movement really start – and where does it go now? Megan Twohey knows… The New York Times reporter, along with her colleague Jodi Kantor, broke the Harvey Weinstein scandal. In doing that they changed how men and women behave with each other. They not only wrote truth to power, they spoke truth to (more…)

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